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About London Hooligans

hoo li gan Pronunciation Key (hl-gn)
A tough and aggressive or violent youth.
[Origin unknown.]

hooli gan ism n.

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


n : a cruel and brutal fellow [syn: bully, tough, ruffian, roughneck, rowdy, yob, yobo, yobbo]

Source: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University

The year is 1885. The place is London. We are outcasts, the throwaways of society -- foundlings, scapegraces, the disinherited and unwanted boys and men.

No one honours us, so we must make our own honour. We form gangs, led by those who have proven themselves on the streets. The gangs may help each other, but some have formed bitter rivalries.

One gang is led by Orlando, assisted by his leftenant and lover Dominic -- whom the newcomer Karl is seeking to supplant.

Another gang had been led by Viggo, but his lover, Bean, was seduced (as he thought!) by Orlando. Furious, Viggo left the gang to the management of Elijah, his protege and surrogate-son.

The enmity between the gangs has existed since Orlando and Elijah were in Eton School together and their rivalry caused them both to be expelled and disinherited by their families.

Much has happened since then -- much that is known to all and some that is only known to some.

Seanie, whom Elijah had adopted as a protege when he found him on the streets, has had much difficulty coping with the cutthroat life of London street gangs. When he disrespected Elijah in front of Orlando, and took up with the pimp and informer Bradford, Elijah sent him from headquarters. Seanie asked Viggo to intercede for him, to get him back in Elijah's good graces, and Viggo sent him into Lando's headquarters to spy. Meantime Brad, who wishes to join Elijah's gang, has been sent into Lando's by Elijah to spy.

Bean was unable to convince Viggo that Orlando had in fact raped him, not seduced him, and Viggo cast Bean aside. In fury and grief, Bean raped Dominic while he was under Elijah's protection. No one knows of this but Bean and Dominic... yet!

At their first meeting, Dominic and Elijah developed a passionate hatred for each other. As they have come to know each other through meeting by chance and by contrivance, the hatred has been transformed into another sort of passion.

Orlando, caught between his loyal leftenant Dominic and the fascinating Karl, eaten from within by memories of his past and hatred of Elijah, is chasing the dragon to seek relief, and the opium is beginning to affect his judgment.

and then there is Hannah...............