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This site and especially the Livejournals linked within have an overall rating of NC-17 for swearing, violence and explicit sex. Character deaths are possible. Please also be aware that this is a Real Person Slash Role Play Game - meaning:

  • Real Person: In this RPG, we use real persons as the basis for our characters - in this case, mostly actors from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Obviously we don't know these people, and no disrespect is meant - quite the contrary.

  • Slash: You will find male/male sex within, but depending on the story developments, male/female or female/female sex may happen too.

  • Role Play Game: The RPG players, or 'muns', take on one or several roles each, and then write stories for their characters based on whatever background they have chosen. You could compare us to a team of screenwriters/TV series developers who got their dream cast for their favourite project.

No money is made with this, we do it for our own enjoyment and entertainment.

If you don't like any of the above and go on and read anyway, don't complain to us.