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Who's Who in London Hooligans - Mud

Mud's Journal

I'm an 'ooligan

cos I's bin given one of dese fings to fill.

Dis is a jernal. I fink. Or a diry. Or sumfink like dat.

Elija sez its cos I'm an 'ooligan. An 'ees de boss.

Likes 'im. E's nice an frendly like. 'An 'ee never laffs at mee.

I wish 'ee woz my frend for always. I'd be a gud 'ooligan for 'im.

I keeps my werd an' I does fings to 'elp.

I's seven an' I'm a gud boy.

I 's Mud. 'ow-di-doo an' plees ter meetcha.