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Gang Adventures - April 1885

Whether you are new to the world of the London Hooligans, or a veteran who wants to read up on old happenings - this is the place for you. Below you will find all the adventures and shenanigans of the London Hooligans in chronological order. We hope you enjoy them, and would love to get your feedback.

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1st April 1885
hooliganseanb: It’s easy enough to avoid him most times, but he was positively inescapable Waiting under Dominic’s window
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: Dominic’s courage gave me the piece I needed… no longer needing to keep secrecy

2nd April 1885
hooligansorli: I wrote a carefully worded letter to Karl and sent it the day after the trial
hooliganseanb: check out the action at the Café Royale

3rd April 1885
hooligan_karl: Karl,
hooligansorli in hooligans: I took the last of the opium that Seanie had given me so long ago, and headed out into the city
hooligan_astin: It was so hard for me to go there, but after Brad said he was going to have sex with other men while we were apart, I had to do something
dom_hooligan: I knew the next time he came to me I’d refuse to rent anymore

4th April 1885
dom_hooligan: A New Day
hooligan_elijah: All is so still

5th April 1885
dom_hooligan: such a little room
hooligan_karl: A hostage?

6th April 1885
hannahooligan in hooligans: How ironic that the one time I heed my brother’s advice and am careful, I get into more trouble than I could have ever imagined...
hooligansorli: This fucking room reeks of smoke and it's dark
dom_hooligan: Oh my friend this is not you
hooligans_brad: Anger is a sweet poison

8th April 1885
hannahooligan in hooligans: I wasn't quite sure what to think about my 'cell mate' at first, but I got acquainted with him quickly
hooligan_astin: Protecting Hannah
hooligan_elijah: Never have I known the district to be so quiet…

9th April 1885
hooligan_viggo: Uneasiness... something is wrong
hannahooligan: I must have fallen asleep eventually
billyhooligan in hooligans: Learning the Truth
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: Hannah. Hannah. Hannah.
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: How could it have gone so wrong?
hooligan_astin in hooligans: I've No Choice But To Do What Karl Asks

10th April 1885
billyhooligan: Horrible moring, after a horrible night...
hooligan_elijah: I am not worthy to lead
hooligan_karl: I woke up this morning from a nightmare
hooligans_brad in hooligans: Doing my job
hooligan_astin: She's Back Safe
billyhooligan: Now that we have a time, I must find Dominic to set up the meeting
hooligansorli: The world has narrowed to the walls and the pounding of my head and the insistent shivers

11th April 1885
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I don’t think there’s anyone else in London who could have cheered me as Mud did… he gave me the strength to face Dominic again
hooligan_karl: The minutes have passed like hours waiting for this meeting, waiting to know once and for all if the man I love is alive or dead
hooligan_astin in hooligans: Jimmy Pays Me Back
hannahooligan in hooligans: I was waiting, terror and guilt fighting inside me as I winced at every noise and utterance from the next room

12th April 1885
hannahooligan: I didn't expect to sleep so deeply, after all that happened yesterday
hooligan_astin: I Can't Face Her
hooliganbilly in hooligans: I am caught between relief and despair... I have just been to see Hannah
hooligan_karl: Just when I felt a shred of hope after my talk with Dominic, that scene yesterday with Seanie and Jimmy eats away any chance of peace
hooliganseanb: My children are missing and the trail grows ever colder

13th April 1885
hooligan_elijah: Elijah,
hooligansorli: I have been encased in silence for two days
hooligan_astin: Wondering About the Future
hannahooligan: Such wilt thou be to me...
dom_hooligan: Waiting for the right time...

14th April 1885
dom_hooligan: I need to meet with Elijah

15th April 1885
dom_hooligan: In the early hours...
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I have been lost

19th April 1885
dom_hooligan: Today I stand alone

20th April 1885
hooliganseanb: so much feckin' blood
hooligan_astin: He Can't Die!

24th April 1885
hannahooligan in hooligans: As the carriage rolls away, Billy and I are left behind alone
hooligansorli: Just when I thought I was doomed to stay forever locked away like a dirty family secret, Dominic Comes

25th April 1885
hooliganseanb in hooligans: I should have been a bleedin’ doctor for all the bleeding that goes on here

26th April 1885
hooligansorli: Reunion
hooligan_astin: Talking With An Old Friend
hooligans_brad: Delirium
hooligan_elijah: Never in all my life have I felt such rage

27th April 1885
hooligan_astin: Trying To Forget

28th April 1885
dom_hooligan: I watched Karl climb the stairs and I envied him
hooligan_elijah: My men are restless

29th April 1885
dom_hooligan: Francis...ah Francis you are a good man
hannahooligan in hooligans: Finally things had calmed down enough so I could talk with Elijah
hooligan_elijah: Hannah is gone

30th April 1885
hannahooligan in hooligans: All I wanted to do was cling to Elijah and beg him to let me stay, but instead I smiled through my tears, and promised to give Maisie a hug from him
hooligan_karl: I have been... busy making up for lost time with Lando, but I woke this morning with something on my mind
dom_hooligan: I found Elijah... or so I thought
hannahooligan in hooligans: Bathed, fed, dressed up and coiffed, I sat in my room, staring out of the window unseeing as I waited... dreading my father’s summons