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Gang Adventures - September 1885

Whether you are new to the world of the London Hooligans, or a veteran who wants to read up on old happenings - this is the place for you. Below you will find all the adventures and shenanigans of the London Hooligans in chronological order. We hope you enjoy them, and would love to get your feedback.

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2nd September 1885
hooligan_viggo: Billy and Viggo meet for the first time

6th September 1885
hooligan_astin in hooligans: Things Are Looking Up

7th September 1885
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: Rescuing Hannah
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I don't believe I've ever been so furious
dom_hooligan in hooligans: I come back from the stables to find Elijah drinking away his worries and his little sister crying in an upstairs room… what a mess!

19th September 1885
hannahooligan in hooligans: There's a first time for everything
hooliganbilly in hooligans: By the Dawn's Early Light...

20th September 1885
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: A morning full of surprises