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Gang Adventures - January 1885

Whether you are new to the world of the London Hooligans, or a veteran who wants to read up on old happenings - this is the place for you. Below you will find all the adventures and shenanigans of the London Hooligans in chronological order. We hope you enjoy them, and would love to get your feedback.

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6th January 1885
hooligan_astin: London's A Cruel City

7th January 1885
hooligan_astin: Fateful Letter Home

11th January 1885
hooligan_astin: Out On The Streets

12th January 1885
hooligan_astin: A Second Chance

13th January 1885
hooliganseanb: I think I'm done

15th January 1885
hooligan_elijah: Talk with Viggo

17th January 1885
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: Letter to Orlando
hooliganseanb: "tempting but no"
hooligan_elijah: Setting up a meeting

18th January 1885
hooligan_viggo: Talk with Wormtongue
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I've been dreading this conversation with Viggo, but it went pretty well in the end
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: Brad and I were just chatting when this strange man walked along...
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: WHEW I had a long day today, but it wasn’t to be over quite yet… there was one more: Confrontation

19th January 1885
dom_hooligan: Waiting
dom_hooligan: A message received
dom_hooligan in hooligans: I had been dreading this...
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I will hate Orlando Bloom until the day I die
hooligan_elijah: Is everybody a contradiction?

20th January 1885
dom_hooligans in hooligans: Dear Mr. Monaghan
hooligansorli in hooligans: Speaking with Brad
hooligansorli in hooligans: The little pigeon gives away more then he ever wanted to.
hooligan_elijah: I fear I gave away far too much in my talk with Orlando tonight

21st January 1885
hooliganseanb: Lot less drinking, helluva lot more thinking
hooligan_viggo: First meeting between Viggo and Elijah
hooligans_brad: Sweet night
hooligansorli: Brooding

22nd January 1885
hooliganseanb: "Broken home"
dom_hooligan: Taking the bait
hooligan_elijah: Viscount Zachary Wood

23rd January 1885
hooligansorli: A restless night
dom_hooligan: Something's troubling Orlando

24th January 1885
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I am far too distraught over this meeting to speak of it... I must think

25th January 1885
hooligans_brad in hooligans: Oh What a Night
hooligan_astin in hooligans: Talking and Fighting
dom_hooligan: The meeting
hooliganseanb: Feeling every moment of my age
hooligans_brad: Brad and Seanie *wink wink nudge nudge*
hooligan_elijah: I slept not a minute last night, thinking of yesterday’s meeting.
hooligan_elijah: Viscount Zachary Wood
hooligansorli: The Meeting

28th January 1885
hooligan_astin: A Dose of Reality
hooligansorli in hooligans: Caught

hooligan_astin: A New Life

hooligan_viggo in hooligans: I have been avoiding Bean for weeks
hooliganseanb in hooligans: Finally!!!
dom_hooligan in hooligans: Why did I think I meant something to him?
hooligan_elijah: Viscount Zachary Wood

hooligan_elijah in hooligans: Family Night!
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: Oh my god
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: *cursing myself*
hooligan_viggo: Backstory for Viggo and Bean
hooligan_astin: I Went Too Far
dom_hooligan: What the fuck is happening here?
hooligansorli: Finally