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Gang Adventures - March 1885

Whether you are new to the world of the London Hooligans, or a veteran who wants to read up on old happenings - this is the place for you. Below you will find all the adventures and shenanigans of the London Hooligans in chronological order. We hope you enjoy them, and would love to get your feedback.

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1st March 1885
hooligans_brad in hooligans: Running... and where do I run to?
hooligan_karl: I was more than pleased to hear that Brad had been thrown out of Lando's, and more than a little hurt that Lando suspected me.
hooligan_elijah: My plan is in ruins
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I must be insane

2nd March 1885
hooligans_brad: Trying to sort things out...

3rd March 1885
hooligan_astin in hooligans: Truths finally told
dom_hooligan: I can't do this... can I?
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: My Dear Mr. Bloom
dom_hooligan: So cold...
hooligansorli: I needed to fuck
hooligansorli: Spring is coming and it's still cold
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I know I'm going insane

4th March 1885
dom_hooligan in hooligans: I only went looking for a bit to eat
hooligan_astin: Changes
hooligansorli: I've turned this entire room upside down
hannahooligan: My hands are shaking so much that I am hardly able to write this entry
hooliganseanb: Shlorping and the twinkling of stars

5th March 1885
dom_hooligan: What to do?

6th March 1885
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: Fuck fuck fuck
hannahooligan in hooligans: Since I got that letter, I have been thinking, waiting for Zach to come home.
hooligan_astin in hooligans: I'm Being Turned Out
hannahooligan: I am not the innocent little girl my brothers think I am...

7th March 1885
billyhooligan in hooligans: It has been a very difficult day
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: Sometimes it's easier to cope with malice than with innocence
hooligan_elijah: I vow to myself...
dom_hooligan: *creeping down the back of Elijah's HQ, seeing the watchman asleep, smiling at that*
billyhooligan: morning...
hooligan_elijah: I remember now
hannahooligan in hooligans: I went out in search of my brother
billyhooligan in hooligans: I met my rescuer again this morning, and he has both confirmed my worst suspicions, and also offered some hope… as well as honourable work
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I do not believe I have ever dreaded a conversation more

8th March 1885
hooliganseanb: Borrowed Time
hannahooligan: I don't even know where to begin - my thoughts are all a-jumble in my head.
hooligan_astin: Hiding Out
hooligansorli: There is something troubling Dominic

9th March 1885
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I must be all things to all men, it seems
hooligan_elijah: Dominic,
dom_hooligan: One more meeting... for what?
hooligan_elijah: 'two hours'
dom_hooligan in hooligans: I ran about half-mad today...
hooligan_elijah: Hannah,
hooligansorli in hooligans: I live by information; I would not have thought it possible
hannahooligan in hooligans: Reunion

10th March 1885
hooligansorli: I sat in the Cock and Feather tonight, angry at Dom and worried about whether or not Seanie would spill my secret to Dominic
hooligansorli in hooligans: Bradford,
hannahooligan: Why, oh why?
hooligan_elijah: I have some letters to write

11th March 1885
hooligansorli: I have not smoked in two days
billyhooligan: It takes more than a few pints these days, to push back the memories.

12th March 1885
hooligan_astin in hooligans: A Helping Hand
hooliganseanb: Sent to France Via Carrier Pigeon

13th March 1885
hooligan_astin: Looking For Answers
dom_hooligan: This puzzle...
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I went to my meeting with Lando prepared to die
hooligansorli in hooligans: His eyes... Dom's eyes
dom_hooligan in hooligans: I’m still reeling from what I saw at Lando’s flat, and now I have to deal with Seanie taking a knife to me

14th March 1885
hooligan_elijah: I had to be alone
hooligansorli: I was planning to go home, back to headquarters, lock myself in my room and think, (to smoke) but it is not where my feet took me
hooligansorli in hooligans: I knew confronting Dom would be hard...
billyhooligan in hooligans: Elijah came into the Cock today, it was good to see him so cheerful
hooliganseanb in hooligans: I was ready to die

15th March 1885
hooligan_viggo: Viggo's Return
dom_hooligan in hooligans: I dreaded going to meet Bean...but found out there was one person that bound us together

16th March 1885
hannahooligan in hooligans: A sudden opportunity presented itself to me, but there was no time to send a message to Elijah, so...
hooligan_astin in hooligans: Brad Thinks He Can Make Things Better For Us
hooligans_brad: Introductions and Information

18th March 1885
hannahooligan: My dearest Elijah
hooligan_brad in hooligans: We should be in the Royal Shakespeare Company...
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: That scene in The Cock and Feather was surprising enough, even without what I learned after
hooligan_astin: Our Secret's Out
hooligan_viggo: I am unsettled
hooligan_elijah: D,

19th March 1885
hooligansorli: I listened today as an out of breath Jimmy told me of the very public and very brutal sounding breakup of Seanie and Brad
billyhooligan: Hurray!

20th March 1885
hooliganseanb in hooligans: Me and Junior are a good team, especially when it comes to plottin and planning evil doins
dom_hooligan: Silence
hooligan_elijah: Dominic is being watched

21st March 1885
billyhooligan: Elijah has made a request of me

22nd March 1885
hooligan_astin in hooligans: No Escape

23rd March 1885
hooligansorli: Now just what the bloody hell does this mean?

24th March 1885
hannahooligan in hooligans: Quarrel with my brother
hooligan_astin in hooligans: Making Amends
billyhooligan: Poor neglected journal...
hooliganseanb: I've lost much because of that little bastard Bloom
hooligan_karl: I went to say goodbye to Bean
hooligan_elijah: The plan went off without a flaw… but it was not quite enough for me.

25th March 1885
hannahooligan: My head is still spinning at the revelations about Elijah's life
hooligansorli: I picked up the snuff box and this journal and went to the roof, thinking I needed to get as far away from everyone as possible.
hooligansorli: He's mad....well and truly mad....but for the first time in months, my heart does not feel like a stone.

26th March 1885
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I have a lot on my mind… Dominic… Bean… Dominic… Viggo… Dominic… Lando… and then I meet Seanie
hooliganseanb in hooligans: I was dreading tonight, knowing I would never sleep.
billyhooligan: I went for a walk today, to clear my head a bit

27th March 1885
hooliganseanb in hooligans: The room is filled to capacity, spectators spilling over into the aisles and all calling for blood
hooligansorli: I am no fool
hooliganseanb: I needed to forget this morning’s trial
hooligan_astin: I Just Wanted To Do An Honest Day's Work

28th March 1885
hooligan_elijah: My mind is whirling
hooligan_karl: I spent last night in and out of the throes of some of the greatest pain of my life
billyhooligan: I went to the trial yesterday, as per Elijah's request
dom_hooligan: Waiting...
hooligansorli in hooligans: All my suspicions are nearly confirmed...after my Talk with Dominic
dom_hooligan in hooligans: I knew Lando would punish me, but who could have imagined what he would command me to do

29th March 1885
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: Oh god I just need to see him, to see with my own eyes that he is well!
hooliganseanb in hooligans: Elijah needs me… he needs US
hooligan_viggo in hooligans: We have not talked in so long, but now at least we know what we are to one another

30th March 1885
hooliganseanb in hooligans: Requiem
billyhooligan: Decided to explore again today, now that Seanie's working at the pub...

31st March 1885
hannahooligan: What is the matter with me?
hooligan_astin: A Betrayal
dom_hooligan: nightmare...
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I had to see him
billyhooligan: Twice now, I have accidentally happened to meet a Miss Hannah Wood