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Gang Adventures - May 1885

Whether you are new to the world of the London Hooligans, or a veteran who wants to read up on old happenings - this is the place for you. Below you will find all the adventures and shenanigans of the London Hooligans in chronological order. We hope you enjoy them, and would love to get your feedback.

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1st May 1885
hannahooligan: How could he do this to me?
hooligan_astin: Brad's Finally Awake!
hooligans_brad in hooligans: My sleep is restless and troubled, my waking hours nearly indistinguishable... but I am lucid for this conversation
dom_hooligan in hooligans: rushing away from the man I love… I collide with seanie
hooliganseanb in hooligans: It’s been a fecking nightmare of a week
hannahooligan: I am packed, and the carriage is waiting outside to take me to Chartwell... to exile

3rd May 1885
mud_hooligan in hooligans: I fort I wuz dun for

4th May 1885
dom_hooligan: Lonely...
hooligan_astin: What Am I Going To Do?
hooligan_elijah: FUCK I’ve never felt so fucking helpless, so fucking miserable

6th May 1885
hooligansorli: It's been heaven

7th May 1885
hooligan_karl: A few nights after my father died, I asked my mother where he went
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: I will have vengeance

8th May 1885
hooligansorli: Aftermath
hooligan_astin in hooligans: It's The Least I Owe Him
hooligan_astin: Can Things Ever Be The Same?
hooliganseanb: Grandpa…or is it Grandmum?

14th May 1885
dom_hooligan: Thoughts in the darkness

15th May 1885
hooligan_karl: I can't decide which hurts more, the marks on my chest or the cold ball inside it

16th May 1885
hooligan_elijah: Francis has just left me
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: If I were still a praying man, I would have prayed for just this: the chance to see him, to be with him just once more
dom_hooligan: Leaving
hooligan_elijah: You know I am not asleep, but we can pretend

17th May 1885
hooligan_karl: I was watching the clock as the minutes ticked by, waiting for Lando to return and preparing myself to face his wrath, but then... Dominic returned
hooligansorli in hooligans: Nearly three days of knife sharp tension, first Elijah marking my lover forever, my subsequent argument with Karl, his pointed and painful ultimatum, and now….I return to London

18th May 1885
mud_hooligan in hooligans: sumfink fishy's goin' on..... I meets ANOTHER grandpa?
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: The shocks of the day have me a little dazed… not a good thing, as I needed all my wits about me …

19th May 1885
billyhooligan in hooligans: Bean being unavailable and Brad still in need of nourishment, I brought him lunch

23rd May 1885
hooligans_brad: Resolution
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: My family
dom_hooligan: ….it seems so strange to be allowed to be together

24th May 1885
hooligansorli: I love this man
hooligan_elijah: So many things that needed to be said… and things I needed so much to hear

25th May 1885
hooligan_elijah: Elijah,
mud_hooligan: Me dad...

31st May 1885
mud_hooligan in hooligans: dis is the story of Mud's War - de spiders
hooligan_elijah in hooligans: An outing with my family, sweetshops and business… but I may have underestimated some of the difficulties of having a child with me